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Tribunal Project

This project is focused on assisting in research preparation for an Indigenous feminist-led Peoples Tribunal of collective memory and human/land rights in California. The group will also be focusing on the history of farmworker rights in the the North Bay Area and investigating the human rights atrocities against indigenous people due to mining across the hemisphere. 

Group Members:

Lead Participants Lead Fellow:
Judy Talaugon 

Videographer: Kiyoshi Taylor

Graduate Fellow: Destina Bermejo 

Work Study: Saraí Melendez 

Research Apprentices: 

Leslie Ramírez 

Karen Peñaloza 

Harrington Fan 

Miroslava Becerra Garcia 

Abby Roman 

Riley Bratsch 

Carlos Santana

Julianna Ortega 

Nisa Zamora

A special thank you for the participation and contributions of Community Fellow D'mitra Smith.

Final Work:

Images from the Voices Set Free Event

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