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Tribunal Project

We are a research collective and publishing house that offers critical perspectives on democracy and media within the American hemisphere.


We seek to promote a new notion of democracy that is structured on the foundations of people power without fear of oppression, using diverse, interdisciplinary research methodologies.

Our name derives from the International Tribunal of Indigenous peoples and Oppressed Nations, held in San Fransisco, California in 1992. We aim to pursue the 1992 Tribunal’s original goals through our work.


We stand for justice, self-determination, and freedom for all oppressed people. We embark on action, education, and dialogue; we amplify the voices and experiences of those who have gone unheard; we organize without harm; and we work to reshape the course of history and correct the Euro-and American-centric narratives that have been weaponized against marginalized peoples across the globe. 

Group Members:

Lead Participants Lead Fellow: Judy Talaugon 

Videographer: Kiyoshi Taylor

Graduate Fellow: Destina Bermejo 

Research Apprentices: 

Jason Munguia-Martin

Abby Roman 

Leslie Ramirez

Riley Bratsch 

Emily Beck

Joaquin Antonio

Stephanie Wang

Saraí Melendez 

Alison Xiong

A special thank you for the participation and contributions of Community Fellow D'mitra Smith.

Final Work:

Images from the Voices Set Free Event

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