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The following student-generated bibliographies present a few select topic areas related to courses, book projects, or research projects. Check back for updates.

“Reading is not walking on the words; it's grasping the soul of them.”
― Paulo Freire

  Picture: Ashlee Rezin / Sun-Times

  Painting: Philipp Von Fultz

  Illustration: Chad Crowe



D+M Lab Art Builds
Fall 2023

The Tribunal Project of the D+M Lab has initiated a series of community art-builds in which research in health, housing, food, prisoner rights and abolition, and new perspectives on liberation struggles world wide are worked through with praxis in collecting quotes, generating designs, and making art. Mixed medias to create signs, banners, posters, and zines.


D+M Lab Apprenticeships Spring 2024

The Democracy + Media Lab is seeking research apprentices for our research working groups. If you're interested in media writing, graphic design, art, praxis, or video production, we invite you to apply. Join our projects to gain hands-on experience in web-based media, articles, and film development.

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