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Documentary Workshop- Fall 2023

Prof. Raymond Telles

The Documentary Workshop class offers an immersive and hands-on experience for aspiring filmmakers to delve into the art of documentary filmmaking. This workshop will give the students the opportunity to work on collaborative group projects or develop individual projects. All levels of experience are welcome.

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Performance + democracy Spring 2020

Prof. Angela Marino

In the run-up to the 2020 presidential elections, this course is an opportunity to tackle some of the most pressing questions of our current political moment. What constitutes the right to vote? Who gets to speak and how? What does coercion mean in an era of widespread data points? What ways does visibility in media, on the streets, or on stage, influence the democratic process? From all these questions, it is difficult to separate performance from democracy. Considering each term within its own disciplinary debates and methods, we will focus on the intersections where politicians perform as actors, where the vote is linked to embodiment, the script of a campaign speech taps into social drama, and where affect-feelings work on the hearts and minds of voters. What might performance tell us about the ideals and problems we currently face in our political systems? How might we experiment through performance to explore existing and new forms of democratic practice and governance?

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Performance + Democracy

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the Demos:Politics, Art, and the City

Spring 2020

Profs. Angela Marino and Jason Luger

The “demos” suggests the people, so often referenced in political discourse as the core of democracy. Yet, from its inception, exclusions and the promised benefits for those who operate within the demos (in western societies typically as white citizens with property) have generated long-standing inequities and division. This course looks at contending struggles to undo and reconstitute the demos in urban spaces through art, performance, and media. We trace the ways in which various forms of collective political action recreate public space in metro areas around the world. From murals to graffiti, to digital media and music, to bridges and public schools, students will be exposed to interdisciplinary methods to analyze the built environments and how people move, work, eat, learn, listen and express themselves in these environments, in particular when people challenge meanings of demos and create new ones. 

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The Demos: Politics, Art, and the City

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The Demos
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