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Judy Talaugon

Community Research Fellow

Judy Talaugon is Chumash and Filipina Land Protector from the Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians. She is the daughter of farmworkers and immigrant leaders. She grew up among Mexican and Filipina communities in California and is a long-time activist in many struggles from human rights, housing, land rights, and the fight against white supremacy. She took part in the shutting down of the quincentennial celebration of the myth of discovery by Christopher Columbus and the genocidal practices against Indigenous communities in the western hemisphere. She is an Organizer for CICEP: California Indians for Cultural and Environmental Protection and led Genocide, Colonialism, and Resistance workshops on training people to deal with white supremacy in the late 1990s. She has been active throughout the state of California and in many parts of the world on projects from housing rights, land back struggles, and water and land defenders, and always uplifts BIPOC women in the movement. Her work is based on clear principles to create a culture of resistance, stand in solidarity with activists from the entire hemisphere and world, and build up women-led Indigenous land back movements next to and in solidarity with Black, AAPI, and Latinx communities.

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