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JOHonduras: U.S. Policy and the Making of a Narco State

This project focused first on the current trial of former president Juan Orlando Hernández (JOH), who was the US backed president of Honduras now being tried for drug trafficking. We produced a dossier based on analysis of this case including preceding trials, and any funding from U.S. to operatives of the JOH regime. 


We will now turn to the "five pillars" of the 'Root Cause' strategy proposed by the Biden-Harris administration to show how the document fails to include U.S. intervention as a root cause of corruption and violence while ignoring legitimate democratic resistance to CAFTA-DR in the region. Some of this work started in our research of spring 2023, which will continue in the fall of 2024. This project is in collaboration with SOA Watch Honduras with Brigitte Gynther and Lulu Matute. 

Samples of Work:


Images from the Voices Set Free Event

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