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Undoing Imperialism

Militarism and Coups are


This project examines the U.S.-backed militarism of the 21st century including U.S. support of local police and militia with arms sales and training in the hemisphere. Media includes infographics, actions, podcasts, and short videos.

Group Meeting Time:  Mondays 10am-11am

Sub Group 1 Human Rights: Wednesday 10am- 11am

Sub Group 2 Security Forces: Wednesday 12pm-1pm

The Cracked Pillars of

‘Root Cause Strategy’

This project focuses first on the current trial of former president Juan Orlando Hernández (JOH), who was the US backed president of Honduras now being tried for drug trafficking. We will produce a dossier based on analysis of this case including preceding trials, and any funding from U.S. to operatives of the JOH regime. This project will also begin to unpack the "five pillars" of the 'Root Cause' strategy proposed by the Biden-Harris administration to show how the document fails to include U.S. intervention as a root cause of corruption and violence while ignoring legitimate democratic resistance to CAFTA-DR in the region. Media varies.

Meeting Time: Fridays 10am-11am

Small Group Project: Mining in the Americas

This research group identifies the major mining operations in the American hemisphere from 1939 to the present including human rights violations and environmental pollution surrounding them. Key countries: U.S. Western states, Chile, Peru, Guatemala, and Colombia.

Individual Project

Meeting Time: 3pm-4pm

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