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Rethinking Regional Power

Tribunal Project

This project is research preparation for an Indigenous feminist-led Peoples Tribunal of collective memory and human/land rights in California. The group will also be focusing on the history of farmworker rights in the North Bay Area and investigating the human rights atrocities against indigenous people due to mining across the hemisphere. 


Community Fellow | Judith Talaugon

Community Fellow Spring '23 | D'mitra Smith

Graduate Fellow | Destina Bermejo


Final Expression


Pedagogies of el Buen Vivir and Memoria Colectiva

Participants will engage in curriculum design to support indigenous language and cultural rights in part to begin constructing an alternative set of principles for political formation that align with future generations of Mayan peoples in the Bay Area and region wide. Media produced includes a short film, posters and Zine. 


Community Fellows | Felipe Kan & Henry Sales

Graduate Fellow | Javier Mateos

Project Advisor | Raymond Telles


Final Expression



Dialogues of knowledge

Los Diálogos of Knowledge (Dofk) is a methodological approach to fostering democratic engagement and decision-making processes within communities, rooted in Mayan oral traditions and storytelling

This project seeks to provide an alternative methodology to ensure that those most affected by inequities are actively engaged in shaping policies and solutions. What makes the Dialogues of Knowledge so important is that they emphasize the importance of participation in democratic processes by scaling these conversations through different spaces and at all levels of government. 


Community Fellows | Felipe Can | B’eleje’ Kan Ed.D

Graduate Fellow | Javier Mateos


Final Expression

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