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Undergraduate and graduate courses related to  the interdisciplinary study of democracy


Scholarly Perspectives on systems of democracy across the American Hemisphere from thinkers around the world


Listing of future events associated with the Democracy Lab as well as an archival listing of past events

UC Berkeley Signature Initiative

"The Future of Democracy" has been identified by UC Berkeley faculty as a signature initiative to guide interdisciplinary research at the University. A working group of faculty from various departments identified three primary categories of study for scholars to focus on:

A:  Citizenship and Migration

B:  Democratic Speech Cultures

C:  Making Democracy Work

The Democracy Lab proposes to continue work that is intended to shed light on several components of these three areas of "The Future of Democracy" initiative.

For example, the topics of both voter suppression and US foreign policy in Latin America illuminate key aspects of category C, Making Democracy Work. Our working groups are important as contributions to this university wide conversation because we build from Latin American perspectives to address issues that emerge across all three of the categories above.


Latinx and Democracy Cluster Hire Proposal

The Democracy Lab supports the Latinx and Democracy Cluster Hire Proposal put forward by Latinx Research Center in Partnership with the Departments of Demography; Ethnic Studies; Environmental Science, Policy, and Management; Public Health; Spanish and Portuguese; and Sociology at the University of California, Berkeley.


The Democracy Lab understands that the vastly complex and diverse sets of langues, beliefs, and cultures housed in Latinx communities across the American hemisphere and elsewhere shape dynamic and unique perspectives on democracy and political systems. It is therefore essential to replenish and grow the number of Latinx identifying faculty in the University in order to meet the scholarly needs of Latinx undergraduates, graduates, and the entire Berkely, Californian, and global community.


Read more about the Latinx and Democracy Cluster Hire Proposal here.