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Body Politic and Socio-religious spacilization of political identities in Afro-Venezuelan Communities: A Talk by Dr. Meyby Ugueto-Ponce 


When:  Thursday, March 5th 4pm-6pm


Where: UC Berkeley Latinx Reasearch

 Center, 2547 Channing Way


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Dr. Meyby Ugueto-Ponce is an Associate Researcher of Anthropology of IVIC (Venezuelan Institute for Scientific Research). Her research focuses on religion, body and social memory in the political identities of Afro-descendant communities in Latin America and the Caribbean. Ugueto-Ponce is also an interpreter, teacher and researcher in traditional Venezuelan dance, with an emphasis on dances of African origin. She has been invited to dance in groups such as Sarta de Cuentas and AM Danza among others. She has taught various workshops to both children and adults. She currently directs Trama-Danza, Research Collective, Promotion of Dances of Afro Origin and their Diaspora.


Curiepe and San Mateo de Cangrejos: black towns and counter-hegemonic examples of Afro-Caribbean thought (2017); Mechanisms of Sociopolitical insertion in Curiepe, Miranda State, Venezuela (2015); Blacks? Afros? Beyond a Manichean and exclusive response. Reflections on the Venezuelan case (2015); Ideological approach to Afro-Venezuelan in Venezuelan historiography: An anthropological look (2014); Dance in Afro-Venezuelan Culture (2002); co-author: Beyond the Footprints of Africanía (2009); Co-direction and direction of documentaries Looking for Life (2007) and El Niño Jesús de Curiepe. Weaving Cultures (2012), respectively.

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images from the dance workshop:

Funded by the Mellon Strategic Initiatives in the Humanities