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University of California, Berkeley

Chochenyo Ohlone Unceded Land

Fabian Zuniga Villa

Fabian Zuniga Villa

Research Apprentice

Fabian Zuniga Villa is an undocumented scholar at the University of California, Berkeley. He was born in Tijuana, Mexico, and emigrated to the United States at five. Fabian spent his primary years in the Mojave desert located in southern California, where his love for education bloomed. Fabian believes strongly in equality for all regardless of class, race, religion, sexual orientation, and legal status. Fabian's advocacy work for education and equity started while he served as a student ambassador and student trustee for his local community college. Fabian strongly believes that access to education and healthcare should be a right to all people because they provide individuals the tools to enrich their lives and society. When he is not engaging with school work, Fabian enjoys the outdoors, movies, and traveling.