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The Demos


Latinx Scholar-Activists Undoing Imperialism from the Inside Out

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Coups and Militarism are Anti-Democratic

This project will take a closer look at 20th and 21st-century U.S.-backed militarism including U.S. support of local police and militia with arms sales and training in the hemisphere. Spring 2023 we will focus on Haiti, Honduras, and Peru.

Working groups begin January 23rd.

  • The Problem with Sanctions is Sovereignty
  • The Cracked Pillars of the Root Cause Strategy
  • Miami: Race, Class, and the Media.
    What is Wrong with this Picture?
More to come:

Rethinking Regional Power: Participatory Assemblies and New Constitutions

  • Chilean Referendum and Proposed Constitution
  • Pedagogies of el Buen Vivir and Memoria Colectiva
  • Mobilizing Constituent Power: Assemblies, Referendums, and New Constitutions
  • Organized Labor in the American West
  • Block by Block Book Brigades
  • Methods of Democratizing Power in Theater Performance
  • Vote 16: California Initiatives

Active Research

Sueños Americanos: Rethinking América in Bioregions, Participatory Assemblies, and New Constitutions

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